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The North American Festival of Wales Schedule
*Times on this schedule are subject to change reflecting current information. Please consult
Program Booklet included your registration packet  on arrival at NAFOW .
WED August 27
     5:00pm  -   8:00pm  On-site Registration Desk Opens
THU August 28

   9:15am  -    3:15pm

Tour ~ Twin City Highlights

   8:00am  -  12:00pm

Registration / Banquet table assignment

 12:00pm  -    5:00pm


   12:00pm  -    3:00pm  Tea Room

   1:00pm  -    7:30pm

Registration / Banquet table assignment

   3:00pm  -    7:00pm

Eisteddfod Rehearsals 

   4:00pm  -    5:00pm

Opening Ceremony

     5:00pm  -    5:30pm  Pre-Dinner Social Hour

   5:30pm  -    7:00pm

Pre-Concert Dinner (menus)

   7:30pm  -    9:30pm

Opening Concert ~  Tramor

 10:00pm  -   12:00am

Informal Singing

FRI August 29
    8:00am  -   12:00pm  Registration / Banquet table assignment

  9:00am  -    5:00pm

Tea Room

  9:00am  -    5:00pm


    9:00am  -  12:00am  Screening: Armchair Tour of Welsh History in Minnesota

  9:00am  -  10:30am

Affiliated Welsh Organizations’ Meeting

  9:00am  -  10:00am

Seminar: Issues of Welsh Identity in Contemporary Wales

    9:00am  -  10:00am  Seminar: Putting Welsh History on Television
    9:00am  -  10:00am  Seminar: St. Johns Bible
  10:00am  -   11:00am  Informal Discussion & Coffee: Tax Breaks for Investors

10:00am  -   10:45am

Eisteddfod Competitions ~ Solo Adult Recitation 

  10:30am  -   12:00am  Seminar: If Scotland Leaves the UK, What Happens to Wales
  10:30am  -   12:00am   Seminar: Welsh Language I ~ Absolute Beginners
  10:45am  -   11:30am  Eisteddfod Competitions ~ Solo youth recitation
  11:00am  -   12:00am  Seminar: A Musical Journey Through Life

11.30am  -   12:15pm

Eisteddfod Competitions ~ Welsh learners Recitation 

  12.30am  -   1:15pm  Eisteddfod Competitions ~ English Language Recitation 
    1:00pm  -    7:30pm  Registration / Banquet table assignment
    1:00pm  -    2:00pm  Seminar: Revival of Welsh Folk Customs as Ethnic Markers
    1:00pm  -    2:00pm  Seminar:  The Dragon and the Eagle
    1:00pm  -    2:00pm  Seminar:  St. Johns Bible

  1:00pm  -    3:00pm

  Workshop: Welsh Folk Dancing
    1:00pm  -    4:00pm  Children’s Activities 

  1:00pm  -    5:00pm

Cinema Wales: films TBD

    1:15pm  -    5:00pm  Eisteddfod Competitions ~Eisteddfod rehersals

  3:00pm  -    4:00pm

Seminar: The Welsh Language -  Another Crisis?
    3:00pm  -    4:00pm  Seminar: Holy Wells of Wales
    3:00pm  -    4:00pm  Seminar: In the Words of Mered and Phyllis
    5:00pm  -   6:00pm

  Pennsylvania Welsh Societies Meeting

  6:00pm  -    7:00pm

Pre-Banquet Social Hour

  7:00pm  -  10:00pm

Gala Awards Banquet ~ featuring Josha Owen Mills (menus)Dress is buisness casual. *Reserved seating only

10:00pm -   12:00am

Informal Singing

10:00pm -   12:00am

Open Mic Night ~ hosted by Tramor

SAT August 30
    7:30am  -  8:30pm  Walking tour of Minneapolis
    9:00am  -  12:00pm  Registration 

  9:00am  -   5:00pm

Tea Room

  9:00am  -   5:00pm


  9:00am -  10:00am

WNAA Annual General Meeting

  10:00am  -  12:00pm  WNAA Board of Trustees meeting
  10:30am  -  12:00pm  Theater Production : Under Milk Wood
  10:30am -  11:30am  Eisteddfod Competitions Hymn Singing

10:30am -  11:30pm

Seminar: If Scotland Leaves the UK, What Happens Then?

10:30am -  12:00am

Seminar:  Welsh Language  II ~ Next Steps in Welsh

  11:30am -  12:30pm  Eisteddfod Competitions Solo Voice 
  12:00pm -  1:00pm  Seminar:  Holy Wells of Wales
  12:00pm -  1:00pm  Seminar:  Putting Welsh History on Television
  12:00pm -  1:00pm  Seminar:  Revival of Welsh Folk Customs
   1:00pm  -    7:00pm  Registration Desk open
   1:00am  -   3:00pm  NWAF Meeting
   1:00pm  -   4:00pm   Children’s Activities ~  Te bach, Colouring, Crafts, Puppet Workshop

 1:00pm  -   5:00pm

Cinema Wales:  Films TBD

  1:30pm  -  3:00pm

Ysgol Gan (hymn singing class)

    2.00pm  -  3:00pm

  Eisteddfod Competitions ~ Solo Voice, Semi-Professional
    2:00pm  -  3:30pm  Theater Production : Under Milk Wood
    2:30pm  -  3:30pm  Seminar:  A Musical Journey through Life
    3:00pm  -  4:00pm  Seminar: Issues of Welsh Identity in Contemporary Wales
    3:00pm  -  4:00pm  Seminar: The Dragon & the Eagle

  4:00pm  -   5:00pm

Eisteddfod Winners’ Concert

    4:30pm  -   5:30pm  Pre-Dinner Social Hour

  5:30pm  -   7:00pm

Pre-Concert Dinner ~  (menus)

  7:30pm  - 10:00pm

Grand Concert ~ Only Men Aloud

10:00pm  - 12:00am

Informal Singing

10:00pm  - 12:00am

Pub Night ~ M.C. Tramor  (held at Brits Pub, outside Hyatt)

SUN August 31

  7:30am  -  9:30am

Ninnau and Y Drych Breakfast ~ by invitation only

   9:00am  -  10:00am  Registration  

  9:00am  -  2:00pm


  9:00am  -  2:00pm

Tea Room

10:00am -  12:00pm

Worship Service (in Eng & Welsh) (at Westminster Presby. Church)

  2:00pm  -  4:30pm

Gymanfa Ganu: Afternoon Session  (at Westminster Presby.  Church) directed by Meirwyn Walters , accompanist Steve Jensen

  4:30pm  -  6:00pm

Sunday SundaySundayIntersession Meal ~ (menus)

  7:00pm  -  9:00pm

Gymanfa Ganu: Evening Session  (held at Westminster Presby. Church)~ directed by Meirwyn Walters , accompanist Steve Jensen

  9:00pm  -  9:30pm

Closing Ceremony

10:00pm -  12:00am

Informal Singing

MON September 1
   9:15am  -  3:00pm  Tour ~ Arboretum and Lake Minnetonka  Dinner Cruise

Scheduling for events are subject to change. Final times will appear in
the NAFOW Program Booklet distributed to NAFOW registrants.

Opening Concert top
John goodTramor 

Tramor is the new Welsh-American acoustic project of John Good, formally of Oceans Apart, and Harpist extraordinaire John Piggott. Guest Billy Parker joins them at this year’s NAFOW. They bring the subtly different flavor of traditional Welsh music to the contemporary stage. Visit the website...

Grand Banquet  
This gala evening is co-sponsored by the National Welsh American Foundation (NWAF) and the Welsh North American Association will honor the 2014  recipient of the NWAF Heritage Medallion. Presentation following dinner with entertainment  by 2013 National Eisteddfod Blue Riband winner Joshua Owen Mills. Buisness casual attire view menu
Joshua Owen Mills
JOSHUA OWEN MILLS   From Neath, South Wales,  is recognized as one of Wales’ most promising young tenors. A Samling Scholar, with a degree from the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, he continues his studies on the Guildhall Opera Course.  Joshua has enjoyed success at numerous UK competitions, and he is the only competitor in National Eisteddfod history to win both the Towyn Roberts Scholarship and the Osborne Roberts Memorial Prize the same year.

PLEASE NOTE:  *You must have your seating preassigned to attend the banquet, please bring your banquet ticket and those in the party you woul like to sit with to reserve your place.  Banquet seating selection will be avialible throughout the hours that the Registraiton Desk is open on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Grand Concert top
Only Men Aloud
Only Men Aloud
Only Men Aloud was formed in 2000. Under the direction of Tim Rhys Evans MBE, the group's repertoire is varied and eclectic, from Welsh folksongs and hymns to musicals and opera, from barbershop and swing to pop.

The choir won The BBC’s Last Choir Standing in the summer of 2008, has released several award winning albums and were asked to perform as part of the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony. In 2013 the group has undergone a regeneration with a fresh line-up and a new, more individual style but with the same popular appeal that has wowed fans across the United Kingdom.        
Eisteddfod Competition  top

 Eisteddfod history

2014 Eisteddfod Entry Form recitation
 will be availible February 1, 2014
We encourage you to enter the competition and show off your talents at the NAFOW 2014 Eisteddfod competitions!
The competitions are in Singing (three competitions - Hymn Singing; Solo Voice, Solo Voice Semi-Professional); Recitation (one competition each for Youth and Adult groups).  Full information on age, entry and performance requirements as well as entry fees and prizes for each competition is available on the Eisteddfod Entry Form. All winners will receive cash prizes and certificates. Some competitions award a trophy to the first place winner as well. We deeply appreciate the devotion and the generosity of the following individuals and organizations in financing these awards.
Eistedd_09* Recitation: The Eisteddfod Committee Award
* Solo youth Recitation under 18:  Anonymous Donor
* Welsh Learners Recitation:  Ontario Welsh Festival Award

* Hymn Singing Competition: The WNAA Past Presidents’ Award 
* Solo Voice Competition: Pacific Northwest Welsh Societies Award
* Solo Voice Semi-Professional: The David G. Morris Memorial Award  

Competitions in singing and recitation are Friday and Saturday at the NAFOW, an Eisteddfod  winners concert is held Saturday at 4:00pm .

Print Eisteddfod entry form or request one by contacting  IHQ@thewnaa.org, any questions about the Eisteddfod and the competitions should be directed to  eisteddfod@nafow.org
Theatre Production
Bill Kimes
Under Milk Wood ~ directed by Bill KimesThe production is being presented by William Kimes, Professor Emeritus of Theatre Arts at Hamline University, St. Paul.  A humourous account depicting one full day in a small Welsh harbour town, brings bo NAFOWth the artist and his art to life. Thomas' "play for voices" will be performed twice Saturday during the NAFOW.  This presentation of Under Milk Wood is dedicated to the poet’s late daughter, Aeronwy Thomas-Ellis, a friend of the Kimes family. It commemorates her life and work, as it recognizes her father’s centenary year.
Seminars top
Issues of Welsh Identity in Contemporay Wales ~ presented by Tecwyn Vaughan Jones
This  presentation will give an overview of issues which pertain to Wales as a country/nation, its culture and identity…in the British, Celtic and European theatre. What is Welsh identity in the contemporary world? How do Welsh people see their identity and how do others see it.  How would we delineate identity and is that important? These are some of the important questions for all Welsh people as the tsunami of globalization continues.

Revival of Welsh Folk Customs as Ethnic Markers ~ presented by Tecwyn Vaughan Jones. All over Wales and beyond Tecwyn Vaughn Joneswe see traditional seasonal customs flourishing that were once confined to specific areas in Wales. Is there a pattern here? Are some folk customs becoming ethnic markers of identity? These traditional customs are being adapted to the needs and expectations of 21st century communities, a necessary characteristic for these to flourish. 

TECWYN VAUGHAN JONES hails from the slate-quarrying town of Blaenau Ffestiniog. He graduated from Bangor University in Sociology and later proceeded to complete an MA in Folklore. He worked as a research officer at the National Museum of Wales.  In 2000 Tecwyn was appointed to his current post as Resident Director of the Central College Iowa Study Abroad Programme at Bangor University.
The Dragon and the Eagle
~ presented by  Colin Thomas
 Telling the story of Wales and America in a fresh innovative way is a tall order. But that is what Colin Thomas set out to achieve in Y Ddraig a’r Eryr/The Dragon and the Eagle. It is an interactive ebook, which vividly combines video, music, maps and text.  He overcame the problems of creating Wales’s very first bi-lingual enhanced ebook and its English language version will be launched at this year’s NAFOW in Minneapolis.

Putting Welsh history on Television ~ presented by Colin Thomas
The producer/director of the U.K. Channel 4 series The Dragon has Two Tongues,  will cover the whole of Welsh history and heColin Thomas will compare the approach of that series – thirteen confrontations between a pair of historians with totally different attitudes to the past – with that of the BBC’s more consensual approach in its series The Story of Wales.
COLIN THOMAS, a producer and writer for screen, was born and brought up in Wales. He read English and Political Institutions and after graduation became a production trainee with the BBC. He has produced and directed documentary, drama and animation for the BBC before resigning in 1978 over the censorship of programmes he had directed in Northern Ireland. Since then he has worked freelance.  His writing includes screenplay adaptations of short stories by Welsh authors, television dramas and numerous documentary and drama/documentary scripts.

St. Johns Bible ~ presented by Tim Ternes
 Tim TernesThis seminar will take participants through the fascinating story of The Saint John’s Bible through video, reproductions and rich visual images, Guests will learn about the processes, tools, methods and materials behind the making of The Saint John’s Bible, as well as explore several artworks through guided imagery discussions.

TIM TERNES  is the Director of The Saint John’s Bible at the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library in Collegeville, Minnesota.  His role as director has him working directly with the artistic team for the project, facilitating planning and exhibitions for the original pages and reproductions, as well as curating and caring for the original folios of the Bible.

If Scotland Leaves the UK, What Happens to Wales Dafydd Wigley
presented by Dafydd Wigley

The Welsh Language - Another Crisis?
~ presented by
Dafydd Wigley

THE RT. HON. THE LORD WIGLEY OF CAERNARFON, hails from Bontnewydd, Caernarfon Dafydd served as Plaid Cymru Member of Parliament for Caernarfon from 1974 until 2001, and as an Assembly Member for Caernarfon from 1999 until 2003. He was leader of the Plaid Cymru party from 1991 to 2000. Dafydd continues to serve Wales in full time politics as a member of the UK’s Second chamber of Parliament, the House of Lords, to which he was appointed, as Baron Wigley of Caernarfon, in 2011. 

Elinor Bennet A Musical Journey thruogh Life
presented by Elinor BennetElinor Bennett reads her own translation of excerpts from “Tannau Tynion” -  her autobiography,  published  in 2011. Looking back at Elinor’s life evokes memories of key events in Welsh life, both public and private – and a way of life that has disappeared.  Married to Dafydd Wigley, she was always in the public eye and faced tragedy when the couple’s eldest sons were diagnosed with a fatal illness. Music is the great force in Elinor’s life. Interludes of  harp music and songs from Wales will highlight her readings.

In the Words of Mered and Phyllis
~ presented by
Elinor Bennet

ELINOR BENNET OBE is a highly-acclaimed international harpist, and is passionate about the traditional music, language and culture of Wales. Elinor’s music is a fusion of many facets of Welsh music, ranging from the early music of Ap Huw, Triple harp music of John Parry, and nineteenth century arrangements by John Thomas, to new original works by contemporary composers, singing folk songs to her own harp accompaniment and the unique Welsh art of penillion singing.

Holy Wells of Wales
~ presented by
Suzanne Iuppa and Phil Cope
You will take a photographic and poetic journey of the sacred springs and the holy wells around Wales, utilizing a wide range of myths, poems and high-definition projected images. This seminar will be of relevance to anyone interested in Welsh mytSuzanne Iuppahology, folk tales and history, as well as ecology, poetry, photography, and the development of faiths and spirituality.
SUZANNE IUPPA is a poet, community worker and film-maker based in North Wales. Her book, On Track: Poems from Welsh Pilgrimage was the subject of a North American reading tour in 2013. The poems were inspired by her journey in 2012 for the Welsh Cultural Olympiad, which saw her walk 200 miles across the landscape of South and West Wales, following ancient pilgrim routes, into historic and sacred St. Davids.

Phil cope

PHIL COPE is a Welsh photographer, writer, teacher, and exhibition and book designer. In October, 2008, the National Library of Wales purchased Phil’s collection of holy well photographs for the nation. Permanent exhibitions of his work can be seen at the Horniman Museum London; the William Wilberforce Museum Hull; Rhondda Heritage Park; the World Museum and the International Slavery Muse-um, both in Liverpool; and the Cardiff Bus and Train Station.   

Additional Daytime Activies
 Screening: An Armchair Tour of  Welsh  History in Minnesota

 Walking Tour of Minneapolis
Welsh Language Classes: Absolute Beginners &  Next Steps in Welsh ~ presented by Hefina Phillips.  Sponsor: Cymdeithas Madog
Hefina Phillips is back to bring her passion and spirit to teaching you the “language of Heaven”. She will teach two levels of tHefina Phillipshe Welsh language-“Absolute Beginners” with an emphasis on speaking on Friday. “Next Steps in Welsh”, which is suitable for those with some knowledge of the language and want to practice and improve, is on Saturday.
HEFINA PHILLIPS was born in the Swansea Valley and Welsh was the only language spoken in her home. She was educated at Cardiff University’s Welsh Department and says she was fortunate to have studied under Saunders Lewis. Hefina feels that to have been born Welsh is the utmost privilege and she does all she can to share her love of Wales and its beautiful language.

Ysgol Gān  ~ directed by Meirwyn Walters, accompanist Karen Wojahn
Lead by conductor Meirwyn Walters, an informal practice session where you will learn some hymns we'll sing at the Gymanfa on Sunday.  This is your oppertunity to hear some Welsh verses pronounced and to practic
e your part, whatever it maybe with joyful abandon.  Fun and enlightening.
Karen Wojan

has served as an accompanist for the annual Minnesota Welsh Hymn Festivals since the 1970's and was organist for the 1998 Welsh National Gymanfa Ganu in Minneapolis.  She is the Worship & Music Coordinator and organist for the American Lutheran Church in her southwestern Minnesota town of Windom.  She also plays the harp for special events.

Welsh Folk Dancing (Twmpath Dawns) ~ presented by Siān Frick  SianFrick

Folk DanceTwmpath Dawns is sure to please dancers and non-dancers alike. Siān Frick, a certified and celebrated Welsh Folk Dance teacher, will lead the dances and will keep things moving happily along. All ages are welcome.

Siān Frick  is a British national of mainly Welsh parentage. From 1984-1991 she attended Cymdeithas Ddawns Werin Cymru (Welsh Folk Dance Society) workshops in Wales to learn the spirited but light-footed Welsh dances, earning her Cymdeithas Instructor’s Certificate in 1986.

An Informal Discussion & Coffee:  Taxbreaks for Investors ~ Investing in your Favorite Charities
~ with David Allen, WNAA Treasurer
Daid Allen
An informal discussion about ways investors can improve their portfolios, get tax breaks and support their favorite charities. If you own stocks, bonds or mutual funds you will find this seminar useful.  

David Allen,
Treasurer of WNAA, lives in Owego, New York, He received his PhD from Columbia University and was a Fulbright Scholar to Belgium and a Danforth Graduate Fellow. David is a Professor Emeritus at City University of New York, where he taught a variety of courses in economics and American government.
Cinema Wales Full Schedule yet to be determined

Mamwlad (Motherland) Kate Roberts
~ 2012, 30 minutes, biography, Welsh w/ English subtitles. From the S4C series in which Ffion Hague traces the lives of women who have left their mark on Welsh history. This installment in the series  presents a profile of  Kate Roberts, the author of numerous novels and books of short stories including Traed Mewn Cyffion and Te yn y Grug.  Examing her efforts to ensure publishing house Gwasg Gee continued after the death of her husband Morris T. Williams in 1946.
Used through permission by S4C and Tinopolis

Murray the Hump: 2012, 50 minutes in two parts, documentary.  Welsh w/ English subtitlesA look at the life and career of 
Llewellyn Morris Humphreys, aka Murray the Hump, not your usual Chicago mobster. T
he son of poor immigrants, he was drawn into this violent world.
Tough and cleaver he was known
among mobsters for his intelligence and diplomacy, Al Capone admired him for using his gun only as a last resort and made him his second in command.  Dafydd Wigley, a third cousin of Humphreys' appears in this retelling of Murray The Hump's rise through the world of crime.

Used through permission by Telemona and S4C

Children's Activitiestop
Children's Activities are open to children and youth of all ages.   Children participating must be accompanied be an adult family member.

1. Twin City Highlights - The tour begins with a visit to the Guthrie Theater, which overlooks historic St. Anthony Falls- where water power fueled first the lumber, then the flour milling industry. Other downtown attractions include the Skyway system and the Nicollet Mall with the IDS Tower’s “Crystal Court,” the Dakota Jazz Club and Orchestra Hall; the Hennepin Avenue Entertainment District; the Twins Baseball Stadium and the Warehouse District.

We’ll drive south and east from downtown, passing the Walker Modern Art Museum and our Sculpture Garden. Next we’ll pass through some lovely residential neighborhoods to the Chain-of-Lakes area, with stops at the Lake Harriet Bandshell, the Japanese Peace Gardens and the Rose Garden. Then we’ll continue along Minnehaha Creek to Minnehaha Falls, made famous by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s “Song of Hiawatha.” A catered picnic lunch will be served at Minnehaha Falls.

After lunch, you’ll experience panoramic views of historic Fort Snelling, hear the story of present-day transportation on the Mississippi River; enjoy the best of St. Paul, including Rice Park, the State Capitol, the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St. Paul and historic Summit Avenue; then proceed back to Minneapolis via the campus of the University of Minnesota.
Meet in lobby 9:15 am, lunch included. 6 hr tour.

2.  Arboretum and Lake Minnetonka Lunch Cruise -  The bus will depart for a 20-mile drive to the University of Minnesota’s Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum features 1,137 acres of natural areas, public gardens and thousands of plant labels designed to inspire ideas for visitors' own backyards. With specialty gardens, demonstration areas, and more than 5,000 plant species and varieties, the Arboretum has become one of the premier horticultural field laboratories and public display areas in the country. In 2012, the Arboretum was granted full status into the Center for Plant Conservation as a representative Upper Midwest garden. There will be a guided tour as well as time for individual exploration.

Following a visit to the Arboretum, the bus will take you to Lake Minnetonka where
you will board a private charter for a premier luncheon cruise. You will be able to enjoy the perfect fusion of spectacular scenery and attentive award-winning service aboard the Avanti, one of Al and Alma's wonderful Lake Minnetonka Fleet. Enjoy your lunch and a 2-hour cruise while taking in a 360 degree view of Lake Minnetonka's incredible shoreline, islands, and homes.
Meet in lobby 9:15 am, lunch included, 6 hr 15 min tour.

Questions? Contact tour@nafow.org 

Sunday Worship Service
REV. NEAL LLOYD will lead a traditional church service in Welsh and English, which includes the reading of the roll of departed members and placing of memorial roses in the vases on the altar.

No NAFOW pass is required to attend the Sunday Worship service, All are welcome.  
83nd Welsh National Gymanfa Ganu top
Sunday afternoon and evening, join us for song and praise in this traditional celebration of congregational singing of Welsh hymns. Hymns will be sung in both Welsh and English in this, our 82nd annual National Gymanfa Ganu. Don’t forget to bring your Welsh hymnals. Hymnals will be available for purchase.
Meiwyn Walters
MEIWYN IOAN WALTERS ESQ. will serve as conductor for the 83rd National Gymanfa Ganu and Ysgol Gan. As a nationally-known conductor, he has traveled extensively across the U.S. conducting cymanfoedd.  He was received enthusiastically as conductor of the Welsh National Gymanfa Ganu in 1999 in Minneapolis and in 2004 in Buffalo.  Mr. Walters was raised a “Welshman in America” born in Boston, and learning Welsh as his first language.  In conducting, he follows the footsteps of his father, the late Dr. Gwyn Walters. Steve Jensen

STEVE JENSEN  the festival accompanist, will  serve as accompanist for the Gymanfa,  the Eisteddfod practice, competition and concert as well as the Sunday service. Steve had his first regular church job at the age of 13.  He studied at Lawrence Conservatory of Music in Appleton, WI and continued his organ study at Carthage College in Kenosha, WI.      The first cymanfa ganu he played for was in 1977 in Fort Atkinson, WI.  He then played the following year at the National Gymanfa Ganu in Minneapolis in 1978.  Since then Steve has played for many local and state cymanfoedd.  

Additional Highlights...top
Thursday-Sunday late night INFORMAL SINGING for a traditional sing along or OPEN MIC NIGHT, PUB NIGHT,  and participate in the merry making in a casual setting, each following scheduled evening events.

Open daily are the TEA ROOM, offering Welsh tea and Welsh cakes and a chance to socialize with friends new and old, and the MARKETPLACE, vendors from Wales and across North America selling Welsh and other Celtic items: clothing, jewelry trinkets, music, books, tours, educational packages and the like. Reserve a table in the marketplace.

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